Full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

(Summary description)Zhangjiagang full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine bearing characteristics:The use of ultrasonic strong cavity effect, can be in a short period of time to clean dirt and oil.

Full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

(Summary description)Zhangjiagang full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine bearing characteristics:The use of ultrasonic strong cavity effect, can be in a short period of time to clean dirt and oil.


Zhangjiagang full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine bearing characteristics:
The use of ultrasonic strong cavity effect, can be in a short period of time to clean dirt and oil.
Simple operation with large timer. Can arbitrarily set the time between 1 second -500 hours.
Special box for cleaning small parts with arbitrary choice. With the drainage valve is convenient for switching cleaning agent.
Equipped with automatic timing table to facilitate the management of the use of time and maintenance time.
Equipped with a standard leakage circuit breaker: used to detect a leakage power, so that the relay action, the power switch off
Zhangjiagang full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine bearings
Ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic cleaning groove machine with strong elasticity, good resistance to corrosion of stainless steel and the bottom is provided with the vibrator of the ultrasonic transducer; ultrasonic generator to generate high voltage and high frequency, conduction through the cable connected to the transducer, transducer and vibrating plate to produce with a high frequency resonance, so that ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank of solvent by ultrasonic wave to wash the dirt.
Suzhou full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine classification
1, according to the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines laboratory, home ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc..
2, according to the capacity of ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into: large ultrasonic cleaning machine, medium-sized ultrasonic cleaning machine, small ultrasonic cleaning machine. Where the capacity ranging from 4 ml to a few hundred liters.
3, according to the power ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into: high power ultrasonic cleaning machine, small power ultrasonic cleaning machine and no heating ultrasonic cleaning machine. Among them, the heating power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine with electric heating ranges from a few tens of watts to a few thousand watts.
Pressure washing
1 high pressure washing
Flushing pressure at 1 MPa (about 10 kg / cm 2) above called high-pressure washing, it is mainly relying on high pressure water column (or cleaning liquid column) impact energy to achieve the cleaning purpose. Due to the impact energy is larger, general dirt can be washed down, and be washing pieces of dead, blind hole and the cavity can be washed very clean. When the cleaning liquid is used for high-pressure flushing, a large amount of foam can be generated when the high pressure is rushed to be cleaned, so that the outside of the recycling system is too small to affect the increasing of the flushing pressure. Therefore, most of the high-pressure flushing water (hot water); if you need to wash the heavy oil is zero, components, the temperature is about 80 degrees Celsius or so hot water. Sometimes it is not required to use a low concentration of cleaning fluid.
Commonly used in China, the high-pressure washing pressure is generally 1.5 ~ 2 MPa, under such pressure, the effect of cleaning and economy are relatively good. Foreign high pressure flushing pressure is higher, or not up to 5 MPa; if the use of hot water for high pressure flushing, the flushing pressure is higher (5 ~ 7 MPa).
High pressure flushing is a practical application of high pressure jet technology in cleaning. Abroad has been used more widely, and the basic theory of high pressure jet and its application has made a lot of research. Our country has high pressure washdown applications in ship rust removal and removal of external hull stick attached sea creatures; railway vehicle repair department has started using high pressure to wash cleaning bogie and car bottom, the effect is very good, in addition to remove dirt, rust and old paint layer can be washed down.
High pressure flushing is a feature of the use of ordinary water (from the water) as a cleaning medium, but no need to heat. In order to reduce the pollution to the environment and save water, or not through a set of waste water recycling processing equipment will be used after the sewage purification. The cost of high pressure water flushing is relatively low.
High pressure flushing for the liquid supply system (mainly for the pump and its drive mechanism) and the infusion system (mainly for high pressure pipe and its connection device) requirements. In addition, it must be pointed out that the high pressure liquid column or water column in the near distance to the human body has the role of injury, fruit and in the operation should pay attention to the safety of consumption.
2 external pressure flush
Pressure flushing pressure in the range of 300 to 1000 is called external pressure washing. External pressure washing effect is also relatively good. The main characteristic is that the washing pressure is low, and the requirement of washing equipment is not high. It has the advantages of simple equipment, easy operation.
Commonly used external pressure washing pressure of 400 ~ 600, the general use of alkaline cleaning liquid and metal cleaning liquid as the cleaning medium. Internal combustion engine parts and components of the pressure cleaning, mostly for external pressure cleaning.
Physical chemical cleaning
This approach is mainly used in a variety of cleaning media, so that the dirt on the surface of the components to soften and dissolve, and finally to achieve the purpose of cleaning. According to the role of the cleaning medium and parts surface is different, or not to be divided into the following:
Immersion and boiling method;
Dip, wash and cook is a more primitive cleaning method. Dip is to be cleaning the zero, parts are soaked in the cleaning liquid relying on the physical and chemical reaction occurred between the cleaning liquid and dirt and dirt to make gradual softening, pro loose gradually turned to stroll from the state eventually from zero, parts shed from the surface down. Long cleaning time is also relatively low efficiency of immersion. However, it has the advantages of simple cleaning equipment, less labor and so on, and it has been widely used. Cooking and washing is a cleaning method to heat the cleaning liquid until it is boiling. Cleaning fluid in the process of heating, cleaning performance further progress. At the same time the oil and fat and oil temperature rise and soften or melt the cleaning liquid is heated up and down natural convection so that dirt is easy to clean from the cleaning parts to go on. Effect of washing and washing

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